Construction & Building Info

When will the shared facilities be completed?
We are currently working on an 8-year building program, we cannot give an exact time frame on when the Village facilities will be completed as it depends on the rate of sell-down, and timing of civil works and building construction. The Care Facilities will be constructed over the 8 year building plan, and is part of one of the later stages of the development to be constructed.

Will units be fitted with 'call' alarm buttons for assistance if required?          
Every unit will have an Emergency Response Button and this is operational. Initially during office hours any calls will be attended to by staff with ‘out of hour’s calls being directed to an independent response firm. Eventually, as the village develops with more staff on hand 24/7, all calls will be dealt with by Village staff.

Will there be a shuttle van for shopping and outings?
In time we will provide this service.

Do we have to use the same utilities (power, telephone, internet) companies the Village uses?     
The Village will run its own power scheme, typically this works out cheaper as there are limited ‘Line‘ charges which need to be passed on. It will run a comprehensive phone and internet system.

Will there be a place for growing vegetables?           
Yes, there will be space where you will be able to have a small vegetable plot or planter box. The management will work with you to decide the best location and options for such a garden.
If you purchase an apartment, there will be a garden area for provided within the grounds.

Who will look after the grounds?
The grounds will be managed by a landscaper employed by the Village.


Admin and Village info

How much will the weekly fee be? Would this increase in the future and by how much and when?
Initially the weekly cost will be $100. The weekly fee is based upon the operating costs in the village. Once the village is completed an annual operating budget is set and this will determine the weekly fee residents need to pay. The budget is discussed with the Residents Committee and is a transparent process.

Weekly costs will cover:

•           Building insurances (excluding your own contents, chattels and possessions)
•           Land and water rates
•           Water charges
•           General power for village facilities
•           Other associated running costs

Can we bring our pets?
Yes, pets are allowed, however prior approval must be sought from the Village Manager.

Legal processes

What is the legal process to signing an expression of interest?
Our Expression of Interest forms are signed with you and our trained sales staff, which is then processed through an independent company, Covenant Trustee Services.

When do we pay a deposit?
The deposit of $1000.00 is payable on reserving a villa and moving to the signing of an ORA (Occupancy Right Agreement – commonly known as a “licence to occupy”)

After we pay the deposit, do we have to make any further payments?
No, typically once the dwelling is ready the documents comprising the Occupation Right Agreement and disclosure document required under the Retirement Villages Act will be given to you for signing, and once signed, settlement of the balance less the $1000 deposit will take place.

Are there any other hidden costs?
No there are no hidden costs. We endeavor to be as transparent as possible in our processes.