Village Management

The Anchorage Village will be operated by a Management Company owned by family owned and operated business, Hopper Developments. This Company will employ staff and contractors to care for the needs of the residents. Initially this is likely to be with a dedicated Manager, and some part time staff e.g. a part time gardener. As the number of dwellings increases, staff numbers will increase to ensure that the requirements of residents can be met.

Residents will occupy their home under the terms of an Occupation Right Agreement, commonly referred to as an ORA. This gives the resident the right to occupy their particular dwelling and sets out the terms that both the resident and the operator have to comply with. The Anchorage Village is registered under the Retirement Villages Act 2003.

Village Construction

Completion of the Anchorage Retirement Village is part of a proposed 8 year development plan to be completed in stages. The first 6 villas have been completed, including roading and landscaping and the first residents have moved into their new homes.  Construction is well underway on another 8 villas with an estimated completion prior to Christmas 2018.  New plans have been developed for another stage of villas and will be constructed progressively over the next 2 years.

The remaining accommodation types, including the main amenities building and the hospital, will be constructed at a later date. 

September 2019